Population: 1.38 Billion  

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If not, get in contact to see how we can help with sales, distribution & marketing solely in the worlds largest market.  
We have been referred to as 'the go-to agency' for companies entering into China, with services such as third party logistics, marketing/consultation & in-market customer services just some of our offering to European based businesses like yours. See how we can help YOUR business in the worlds largest & most rapidly growing market and sell to China.

Global Logistics & Distribution

Already have interest from the market? Enquire about our third party logistic solutions, with warehouse & distribution centres in China's Tax Free zone & market leading distribution partners, we are ideally placed for new exporters looking to hold stock locally in market, offering prompt peace-of-mind delivery without barriers to import. 

Marketing & Consultation

Asia is a unique and complex mix of ancestry, culture & growing western influences. The ever changing landscape that is China needs to be studied & understood to be succesful in market. Our teams provide knowledge, resources and managed services in getting your products/brand into the right hands, through local distributors to by selling online to China. Request a FREE consultation from one of our experienced team below.

Sales & Customer Service

Our offering covers B2B, B2C & O2O (Online-to-offline - a more established model in China than in the West), we work with with a range of clients from car spares & parts from Jaguar Land Rover, iconic British food producers & high end technology specilaists. New concepts, innovative technologies & complex supply chains require strong in-market sales & customer service teams to ensure prompt establishment & long-term growth & success. We see clients as partners in which our extensive network allows us to estabish such sales channels to align with your brand & offering.

'The go-to company for market entry into China'

Our extensive network and resources means we cover all aspects of business, below are a few key highlights of our offering.


Our experienced marketing team not only understand the langauge, but the local attitudes & cultures.


Established in one of China's highly sought tax-free zones makes it suited to overseas companies wishing to hold local stock.

Branding & Design

Is your brand 'China-friendly'. Our team can help adopt your brand to WOW a local audience - ideal for selling online to China.


We cover all aspects of legal with sub-contracting of our import licenses for certain products ranges.


Market research & consutlation. The most important aspect before invesmtnet. Book a FREE consultation. 

Third Party Logistics

With distribution centres in Europe & China, we can provide complete logistic solutions to your customers by Air, Rail or Sea.


Estabished management teams with over 25yrs experience, we can manage your operations on a day-to-day basis.

Customer Service

Our managed call centres can do as much as referrals & bookings to complete technical customer support.

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With China on track to overtake USA as the worlds largest economy by 2020, it's imperitive you start now. What are you waiting for - get in contact below start shipping within 3months*.

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